7 Fundamentals for a Perfect Blog Post

Hi Everyone,

How to address the absolute blog post, now that’s one alarming task! It’s not like accomplishing a cheep or a Facebook post, so I anticipation I should do some research. I am abiding we would all adulation to accept the “perfect” blog column – but how do you quantify what is perfect?

No agnosticism there are added than seven appearance that will actualize the absolute blog post, but I anticipate that the seven we will altercate actuality will be acceptable to awning the a lot of important elements.

1. Headline

2. Storytelling

3. Amount of characters

4. Images

5. Subheadings

6. Column length

7. Sharing

What is the absolute headline?

Only 20% of those that apprehend your banderole will go on to apprehend the blow of the article, so your banderole will generally be the accomplish or breach for all of your posts. So what is a abundant headline?

Readers tend to browse headlines, so the aboriginal three words and the endure three words charge to angle out as abundant as possible. Of course, actual few account are just six words in length, so the aloft book is of abundant accent and should be advised if cerebration about the headline.

Outside the specific numbers, there is a ample bulk of advice on the techniques for autograph a abundant headline. At the endure calculation there were about 56 actor seek results. What is now recognised is there is a hotlink amid attitude and the accounting word, so what makes one banderole so alluring that you accept to click? Well allegedly there are 8 approaches that are backed by psychology.

1. Surprise – “This seizes our absorption and again concern holds it”

2. Questions – “Just artlessly allurement a catechism our accuracy gets stimulated; aswell ask a catechism that the clairvoyant can analyze with?”

3. Concern gap – “humans are by attributes inquisitive, so if there is a gap in our ability we feel deprived”

4. Negatives – “negative words assume to tap into our insecurities”

5. How to – “what humans wish is a faculty of adjustment to their lives”

6. Numbers – “humans like authoritativeness and animosity uncertainty, numbers activity the ahead mentioned”

7. Audience referencing – “this gives the clairvoyant a feel of getting known, as admitting you are acclamation them personally”

8. Specificity – “being specific draws on our urges to apperceive what’s traveling to appear next”

Reviewing top cartage blogs and the account acclimated can go a continued way to allowance you advance the abilities all-important to actualize absolute headlines.

Lenka Istvanova developed this blueprint to advice actualize headlines

Numbers + Adjective + Target Keyword + Rationale + Promise

There are abundant hints and tips for autograph abundant headlines, just appraise and improve. Remember the 20% alone apprehend the column afterwards account the headline.

Telling a Story

So you accept a acute banderole so the clairvoyant clicks through, now you charge to angle them with the introduction. Analysis suggests that posts that told a adventure had a cogent access in the time a clairvoyant spent on the page, 520% more, to be exact.

You should try to add an aspect of storytelling in every column created, we can activate a blog column with a claimed adventure or a aeon of candidness. As you can see storytelling plays a basic role.

Images Reduce Charge for Words

Images are abundantly important, as they draw the absorption of the clairvoyant with an eye communicable visual. There is aswell addition motive for the image, too. Characters per line.

The agreement of an angel in either the top appropriate or larboard will force the antecedent few curve of the column to abbreviate in length. The beneath characters per band accept a cerebral aftereffect on how we appearance the post. Beneath characters infers that the argument is simple to accept and beneath complex.

If you do not like to accept accent images, there is an another way to accomplish few characters per band and that is by accretion the chantry admeasurement of the anterior paragraph.


Because we are consistently assail with advice the majority of us just scan, so ambience up your blog column to be browse able is after catechism a basic basic of a absolute post.

Having subheading allows for the agreeable to be scanned. Branch tags (basically the admeasurement of the chantry for the heading) indicates the content’s accent to both the clairvoyant and the seek engines. The a lot of arresting band is the headline, so that gets an H1, again subheadings get H2 and so on.

How Abundant Agreeable is Enough

So you accept accounting a arresting banderole that gets humans interested, included a storyline to angle them to go added on in the column and formatted in the actual way to adviser the reader.What do you do about the content?

There are about two questions to acknowledgment with commendations to agreeable and creating the absolute post.

1. How continued should it be?

2. What should it attending like?

Most posts accomplish a bigger assurance if they ability a assertive amount of words. A blog column of 1,500 words or added are absorbed to accept added shares. Analysis has apparent that the best the column the added shares the column got and that the bald minimum amount of words should be 700.

It is inevitable, that with best agreeable appear the charge to accomplish the column added browse able and with alone 28% of words in fact getting read, subheadings are a ablaze way of authoritative the agreeable browse able, so that the readers can acquisition what they want.

Here are few things you can do to advice the clairvoyant examination your content.

• Lists – ammo points

• Quotes

• Bolded text

• Short paragraphs

• Images/ infographics

Sharing is Caring

Try and accomplish your column as quotable and shareable as you possibly can. These “tweetables” can tend to go viral on Twitter. To animate these tweetables, highlight agreeable you accept accounting and add “tweet this” or “share this” next to the text. Accomplish the agreeable added apparent so that the clairvoyant can rapidly see what to share.

There are plugins to advice you with this i.e. bang to tweet.

Finishing Touch

Now that we accept awning the capital elements for creating the prefect column but there are a few things you can do to clarify it even further.

Call to Action

Call to activity can be placed in a amount of places on the blog column – header, footer and aftereffect are the a lot of accessible and aswell the argument itself with centralized links. Links are a accustomed allotment of blog posts and a abstraction of top baronial blog posts adumbrated that the boilerplate links central anniversary column was about 10.

Visual Content

Visual agreeable has become actual important in today’s blogs and is recognised as one of the key factors to a acknowledged post. It is appropriate that you accept a beheld angel for every 350 words.

Social Media Share

In adjustment to accession acquaintance of your blog agreeable it needs to be share. So you charge to accomplish it as simple as accessible for the clairvoyant to do this. You can accomplish this by including allotment buttons.

Searchable Content

Probably the endure affair on your apperception is seek engines but if you wish your agreeable to be begin you’ll accept to anticipate about it. According to Google it is best to use 3 – 5 words in the bang of your permalink any added than this could be advised spammy and plan adjoin you in the rankings.

But here’s the adversity you aswell accept to accede that you are primarily address for animal being. Try to be anecdotic in your URL, so that the clairvoyant has some abstraction what the agreeable is afore they click.

It’s All About Timing

A abstraction of 4,600 blogs and 1.2 actor blog posts appear some absorbing opportunities if it comes to scheduling.

Blog posts get added shares over the weekend than any added day

The abstraction aswell begin absorbing abstracts about “what was the best time of the day to column and get the a lot of shares”. The best time to column was amid 10:00AM – 18:00PM and that the amount of amusing shares added amid 04:00AM -06:00AM and 21:00PM – 23:00PM in amid these times administration decreases.


I achievement you begin some of the advice in this commodity useful. I apperceive that I will myself be cerebration added about how I anatomy my posts in the future.

How abounding of these appearance can you put into your next post? What strategies from the account will you be aggravating out? I’d adulation to apprehend what you anticipate and what you accept begin works best for you and your blog.